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Donations Request

The Yakima Valley Pippins are excited to be a part of such a dynamic and vibrant community. One of the ways the Pippins will be giving back to the community in 2017 will be by donating to a variety of groups in the Yakima Valley. In order to be consistent with our mission of youth development in baseball and community improvements, our donation program will focus on the following types of organizations:

Youth Sports Leagues (ages 5-16)
Youth sports organizations that are nonprofit, open for all youth regardless of physical or economic ability and follow commonly held nondiscriminatory policies. Donations for this category must be used specifically to allow children to participate that otherwise would not be able to, or to purchase equipment to improve the experience of the youth.

Nonprofit service organizations
Nonprofit organizations with the specific goals of service to the community as a whole, specifically as it relates to women, children and the use of sports and community to improve the lives of our neighbors.

Nonprofit community initiatives
Nonprofit organizations or initiatives to improve the lives of our community through enriching and safe activities and places where people can all feel a part of what is going on.
To apply for donations, please fill out the following form: